BartÓk's String Quarted No. 4
Looking around the countryside, in a way like anthropoligists, it was not long before we became aware of other observers. They had been here one hundred years before us but they left a clear sign. Bartok and Kodaly; we found on our visit to the music school in Bratislava that Bartok had left an enormous collection of folk songs. He and Kodaly were crossing the bridge to search communities and their singers along the Ippoly and along the Hron. No doubt they had crossed the Marie Valeria Bridge on their route and surely they stood here, near our place and admired the bridge. Then we noticed that Bartok's, String Quartet Number Four was consrtructed much like the bridge, in five parts, the center one longest and the others geometrically related to the form of the bridge..We imagined the two friends discussing the string quartet and made an image of that discussion in seven pieces.
I. Allegro
Portrait of Zoltán Kodály II. Prestissimo, con sordino III. Non troppo lento IV. Allegretto pizzicato V. Allegro molto Portrait of Béla Bartók
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